Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wet and Wild color icon eyeshadow trios

Wet and Wild has out done themselves once again. This new eye color trios, limited edition. They came out with 6 trio palettes, I Dream of Greenie,I am Feeling Retro, Silent Treatment,Spoiled Brat, I am getting Sunburned and I got good jeans. As soon as I heard about them, I ran to my local Walgreens to pick these trios. I didn't want to miss out like I did with the Christmas colors. I then had to go to other states to get that holiday set, but I was successful. Each store only received 2 of each palette. Not enough for all of these wild makeup up wearers
So that is why I am letting my follower and friends know about this collection.
Next coming six Blogs I will be a look with each palette.Each will be with women of many ethneticy I can't wait.