Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sleek Acid Rain Eyeshadow palette.

OK, I know that I am older but I have a passion for super intense bright colors. Neon colors just call me. Over the years, I have had three different neon palettes, but none of them have the intensity of Sleeks' Acid Rain Palette. I was watching one of my favorite YouTube beauty Gurus Xsparkage. I love that she is not afraid of color. The video was titled Electro Candy Rave Makeup. The product she used was Sleek Acid Rain Eyeshadow palette. I was in LOVE , I had to have it. Sleek is a UK brand , so it is not easily accessible to us in the US. But the internet can take us to far away lands and that is just what I did, I went to Sleeks website. They have an amazing website, So check out Sleeks' website and stop in and say Hello to Leesha ( Xsparkage) . If you love color you will totally enjoy this video and it will leave you longing for more. I am off for the week, so I will post pictures of me rocking the Acid Rain colors.