Friday, March 21, 2014

Frugal Friday- The first step to flawless makeup application- Makeup brushes

When I started out in the mid 80's doing makeup as a professionally a lot of us used the little sponge applicator that came with the products or sponge wedges and cotton buds. There were brushes sold in higher end companies but it was really hard to change the way that I had applied makeup for years. I call my new Friday Blog post Frugal Fridays because everyone has a different definition for Frugal. I am middle class, makeup is my passion and I am willing to save and pay for higher priced one if a certain brush I can't live without. But never have I forgotten where I came from, so I shop for brushes anywhere from the dollar store to high end that I have to get from other countries. So,only you know what you can afford. These are recommendation for super affordable brushes that every artist needs in their collection. 1. The first company is E.L.F. , It stand for eyes,lips, face. There web address is : The company has two lines of brushes. The essential collection, that start at $1.00. Their next range is the Studio Collection and they start at $3.00. I have many of these in my collection because when you are doing a Photoshoot sometime I don't have time to clean my brushes so I just have tons of those so that I can put them in a bin to clean at a later time. This is the essential collection the cost is 12.00 for the entire set.
and this is the studio set that retails for 30.00. If you are not looking for a set you can purchase the brushes individually. E.L.F is always running special. I usually pick up a set or two when they are half off. Great bargain and quality. The bonus is the line is cruelty free. They can also be purchased at Target, but the best selection is on there website. 2.My second recommendation is the brush by Royal Care Cosmetics. When you first see them they remind you of the the Sigma brushes. The quality is just as amazing but half the price. There sets are synthetic which is great for the application of cream makeup products. The prices range from $9.65 a set to $29.95. As a bonus they have the hard container that are only $10.95 You can find them at 3. The next set of brushes that are of amazing quality is the Sigma Beauty brushes. Over the years the quality has vastly improved and also they are more expensive. But you can start slow and buy individual brushes and and build your collection, or you can purchase these in sets. This depends what your budget allows. These brushes are most like the MAC brushes. They are beautiful. They range from $12.00 to $490.00 (Professional Set). You can purchase them from their website: 4. And last but not least are the Real Technique brushes by the Sam and Nic Chapman. The PixiWoo sisters on YouTube. They are amazing makeup artist. So who better to know what a person needs in a makeup brush but an artist. They are truly amazing brushes. The price point is fantastic.They by far the softest synthetic brushes on the market. They range from $6.00 for a single brush -$18.00 for a set. They can be purchased at and Ulta. I hope this helps everyone from the novice to the professional. I will be adding a 10% of coupon code for Sigma. So check back so that you can receive the discount. I have all of these brushes in my personal collection. This is not a sponsored blog. All of these brushes were purchased and these are my honest opinion. laissez bon temps rouler (" Let the good times roll) Have an amazing weekend!