Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sleek Ultra Mattes i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes in V1 Brights and V2 Darks

Sleek makeup is such an amazing brand. It is a drugstore makeup brand from the United Kingdom. As a big You-Tube junkie, I keep abreast of all of the latest and greatest that is being released from the brand all over the world. The newest release from the brand is the Sleek Ultra Mattes i-Divine eyeshadow palettes in V1 Brights and V2 Darks. As an older Makeup lover , my eyelids aren't as smooth as they were when I was in my twenties. I am in constant search for beautiful matte eyeshadows. Sleek has hit the jackpot with this collection. They are smooth and buttery. The colors are rich and vibrant. There is no fallout. I have never been one to be afraid of bright colors. Last weekend I wore the colors from the V1 Brights to work and I received so many compliments. People would stop me just to look at my eyes. I work in a somewhat conservative field that uniforms are worn. So I express myself through makeup. Yesterday, I wore my V2 Dark palette to do an amazing smokey eye. I was out to dinner with friends and the same thing happened people just stopped and asked me what eyeshadow that I was wearing and how sexy my eyes look. I am not Beyonce by any stretch of the imagination. So Sleek thank you for such amazing products. So if you would like to purchase their products the website is I do know that the V1 Brights palette cannot be shipped to the US because of FDA approval. I found a wonderful Ebay seller myb-by-nk that was gracious enough to supply me with the V1 Bright palette. Sleek if you read this. PLEASE BRING SLEEK MAKEUP TO THE US!!!!!