Monday, May 23, 2011

Young , dedicated and accomplished!

No, I am not speaking of my myself. In the beauty community everyone knows that the blog/website to go to is Temptalia. It is the most informative, comprehensive, and up to date blog about anything that you could possible need to know that is beauty related. What most people don't realize is Christine ( Temptalia)is only 23 years old. She started this blog when she was 18 y/o. Christine is also a full-time JD/MBA student. On top of all of her studies, reviews, swatch, photographs, she actually uses these products so that when she does her reviews they are honest. As consumer, we can trust that the information that she gives is correct. If you want to see how amazing her work is check her out at So when I find my self saying that I don't have time. I stop and think what would Christine do?