Saturday, February 19, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Nail Polish

The newest crackle craze started with the Katy Perry's OPI Polish Black Shatter. China Glaze has raised the bar with their release of six new CRACKLE Glaze colors. They are beautiful. The colors are Black Mesh ( an opaque black), Lightning Bolt ( an opaque white), Broken Hearted ( an opaque bright pink),Crushed Candy (an opaque robins egg blue), Cracked Concrete (an opaque light grey)and Fault Line ( a pearlized dark purple). There are so many combinations that you can create with these colors. I have pulled out all of my nail polishes and just played. After multiple attempts, I have formulated a recipe for application with the best results. First, apply a a base coat. Second, apply two coats of your base color. Let the polish dry completely. Then apply a thin layer of the crackle glaze over your base color. Be very careful not to overlap the Crackle Glaze, example one stripe of polish then next to the first stripe place the second stripe. If you don't apply the crackle glaze in a thin coat without overlapping the crackle effect won't be as pronounced.And last apply a thick layer of a glossy top coat to make the colors really pop. The look can be great. You can apply to all ten fingernails if you are daring or if you want a more sedate look just apply

to do an accent nail. Have Fun and Happy Crackling !

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