Monday, March 26, 2012

Truvia® Natural Sweetener Taste Challenge

True to my Southern roots , I have drank sweet tea as a beverage of choice. Now that I am older, the calories from sugar is hazardous to my waistline and my health. So, when Influenster sent me the Love VoxBox, I was curious to take the Truvia Natural Sweetener taste challenge. I had suffered years of the pink, blue and yellow stuff, I want something that was natural and also tasted good.

To help me with my challenge I had my friend brew two cups of tea. One iced tea she made with sugar the other she made with Truvia Natural Sweetener. While she was doing this I worked in another part of the house. The time of truth was upon me, I tasted both beverages. Then I tasted them again, I couldn't tell the difference. The taste was spot on. So, I challenge you to take the Truvia Natural Sweetener Challenge. Send a comment to let me know what you think of Truvia Natural Sweetner!!!!

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