Friday, November 9, 2012

Influenster Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012

As always Influenster has done amazing job at putting together the Beauty Bloggers Vox Box 2012. It seemed like they were reading my mind. Three of the product featured in the VoxBox were products that was on my shopping list to purchase.
As Autumn descends, I always make my way to Bath and Body Works for the seasonal candles. Sometimes,I am a creature of habit, I usually always purchase the Leaves scent. Ifluenster has added a new fragrance to my fall candle to my r'hepertoire. The Nutmeg and Sage candle was intoxicating. That small candle carried a powerful punch. My entire house smelled divine so much so that I used the coupon that was included to purchase five of the three- wicked candles in Nutmeg and Sage. I wasn't totally greedy, I gave three of them as gifts and now my friends are hooked also. The next product that was on my list to purchase was the Goody's Simple Styles Spin Pins. I have a massive head of thick curly hair. Updos have always been a problem for me because it would take an entire package of bobby pins to hold my hair in place. It was never attractive you could see the pins and they started to hurt my scalp after a while. The trusted hair brand Goody's really out did themselves when they created the Simple Styles Spin Pin. It only takes four spin pins to hold my hair in an updo. You can't feel them. They lock in place and you don't have to worry about your hair falling out of your style. This was important to me because this seasons trend is the high bun. Now I am able to sport a beautiful updo. Before I can get to the point to put my hair up, it has to be tamed. I have a full head of thick curly, frizzy hair. Controlling it can be challenging. Thanks to Influenster I have a new holy grail curl defining hair cream. I have always had to use multiple products to control my locks. Now that I have been introduced to Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl defining hair cream, I have one product that does everything that I need, with natural ingredients that nourishes my hair. It reduce the frizz and fly-aways also.
My day would never be complete without eye makeup and false lashes. The Kiss ever pro lashes starter kit is amazing. The Starter kit included a beautiful full set of lashes, an applicator and the eye lash adhesive. Though I consider my self a pro at lash application, I can appreciate the applicator because some many women won't even attempt to try to apply lashes themselves. The lashes lasted me five days of wear , I am always careful when removing them and making sure that the old adhesive is removed from the lash band. The adhesive I wasn't crazy about it because I did experience lifting in the corners of the lashes. That could just be with my eye shape, so the next time I wore the lashes I applied the lashes with the adhesive that I always use. The New York Color Individual Eyes in Dark Shadows though at first glance appeared very dark. After swatching , wasn't super pigmentmented. When applying the eyeshadows I did experience a great deal of fallout. So, if you should purchase this palette, apply your foundation last. I was able to build a fairly decent smokey eye with some work. If you are just starting to build your makeup collection this is a fairly decent product for the price point. It includes four eyeshadows , an eye primer and an illuminator. It is also travel friendly and you can do day and evening looks with this palette. Perfect for someone on the go. I am that person that is always on the go. My job is a night shift position. So I am always in search for something to give me a burst of energy. The eBoost was perfect for the energy that I need to get though my twelve hour shifts. I love that it is all natural ingredients. This products gives you energy without that jittery feeling. Tastes great with only five calories. I want to thank Influenster of allowing me to participate in reviewing these incredible products. And I want to give credit to the blogger who writes Beauty Love for borrowing her picture of the Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012, my camera with my photos are missing in action. Stop by the Influenster at They have something to offer everyone.

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  1. Great box of goodies!!! I love the Boost mix!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings