Thursday, August 26, 2010

A sad good bye to some of my favorite Lush products:(

I guess you are wondering why I am sad. I found out that Lush was discontinuing some of my favorite products, Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Wash Cream. The scent is delicious fragrance of strawberries and cream. Super Nova Bath Bombs that is a luscious fizzing bomb with the sent of a champagne cocktail. The underlying fragrance and essential oils of Orange, Limes, and Cognac. It has festive confetti . OK, it leaves the bathtub a bit of a mess but the experience is wonderful. One of my favorite soaps I Should CoCo. It smells like a tropical dream,with the fragrance of fresh coconut and a slight bit of orange. It has exfoliating properties with real coconut throughout. My beloved Tramp Shower Gel wonderfully exotic , mysterious and sensual fragrance of patchouli and oak moss. My favorite things are going away. I am sure that Lush will develop more incredible products, but I am still sad my favorites are leaving.

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