Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweet Gems from Yummy Cake Cosmetics

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love finding new off the chart cosmetics. They also know that I clock in many hours looking at You Tube. My obsession is usually products for the eyes. Following my regular routine, I always go straight to my You Tube subscriptions. That particular day "Sayanythingbr00ke" was doing a Smokey Disco Ball Tutorial. She started with the lid color a beautiful, sparkling, silvery color with an equally beautiful name of "Champleve". This magnificent color is by Yummy Cake Cosmetics. Immediately after the tutorial,I went to Yummy Cake Cosmetics website. Much to my delight the Eye Paints and the Glitters were breathtaking. I couldn't resist, I ordered fourteen total. They also sell Lip Candy, which you can get in two flavors, Buttercream or Cake. The colors are equally as divine. Their face and skin care products were sold out. They will be available on September third. I can't wait to see those. The shipment was fast and it was well packed. Unpacking my eye paints and glitter was just like unwrapping a present. Fourteen jars of splendid, finely milled pigments and soft and shimmering glitter. The day they arrived , I did many different looks, using the products both wet and dry.
The pigments were easy to blend. The glitter went on easily with glitter glue. If you are looking for amazing cosmetics check out Yummy Cake Cosmetics. You can find them at , you won't regret it.

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