Friday, June 11, 2010

Americans want freebies too!!!

As I was sitting watching You Tube last night , I happened on a new video that was posted by Laura (You Tube name Lollipop26) I am always delighted by her videos,she is so eloquent in the way she describes the products and she is always dressed beautifully  As most of the makeup gurus do,they make me want to go out to buy something new, a have a weakness for haul videos. This video was titled Makeup Haul : YSL and Free Benefit freebies, that really got my attention. What makeup addict wouldn't love free products? While listening to the introduction, my smile became a pout. It seems that it is not uncommon for fashion magazines in the UK to place full size makeup products in with there magazine. The new UK Glamaour magazine placed three different full size Benefit products in with the monthly subscriptions. You had the chose of  Benefit Bad Gal mascara, the IT stick or Eye Bright.. Like every other person that loves makeup, Laura purchased all three magazines to get all three products. The total value of these products is$ 67.00 or 47 pounds, plus the purchase of three of the same Glamour magazines. I must say this is brilliant marketing on the behalf of Glamour UK. If we purchased our Glamour at the news stand the purchase price is slightly less than in the UK. So why is it that we don't ever get these wonderful little treats with our Glamour magazine.  That is the question to ponder.
Americans want makeup freebies too!!!  What do you think, would you be willing to pay a bit more at the news stand for makeup freebies with your magazine purchase? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Totally! I want freebies! thanks for your post!