Thursday, June 10, 2010

The wonderful world of Beauty Blogging and how it started for me!

The beauty world is a totally different place since I was a teenager. As a young girl, I would sit for hours reading Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and every other fashion magazine and catalog I could get my hands on. Being the only girl in the family , the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I would get all my publications from my mother and my aunt. Shopping was a magical event, we would get dressed up in our Sundays  best, as all southern ladies would. We would spend the entire day walking from store to store, OK guys, this was pre-mall .  The most magical part of the experience was walking through the front door, the beauty department was always the first department that you would enter. It was beautiful and it smelled delightful, fragrances like Chanel No 5, Joy by Jean Patou, Shalimar by Guerlain. These were the fragrances of real ladies of this time. Estee Lauder counter was enchanting. That would always be our first stop. I would look at all the beautiful bottles, that glistened. The ladies behind the counter, were perfect , face made up impeccably, and dressed to the nines. One day I would be one of those ladies.
In the mid-eighties, I got my wish. I became a part-time Lauder girl. It was just as magical as I remembered. You would be taught about the products by the head makeup artists in the company. Mind you, I had never really worn makeup. The the most amazing thing would happen , you would get Gratis, fill out a piece of paper of all things that you wanted up to five hundred dollars. I had died and gone to heaven. That is when the love affair started.  Five years later, reality hit. My father passed away and I couldn't support myself.  The only other thing I knew how to do was taking care of people. Hence, the decision to go to nursing school.

I persevered going to nursing school while I continued to work at several of the makeup counters part-time.
The once again reality hit and I couldn't continue to work and do clinical s for  nursing school. It never left me, I would be in the dorm room making up my friends.

Finally , I graduated started it working as an RN, but that passion never left. A great deal of my check would go to cosmetics.

Two years ago, with the help of a friend that was a photographer, My true love was reborn. She was hosting a speed photo shoot. The makeup artist flaked at the last minute. So from 7am until 9pm. , I made up model after model.
It was then I discovered the wonderful world of You Tube, I never forget seeing Lauren Luke for the first time(You Tube name Panacea81) I watched every one of her videos. I would spend hours and hours browsing the makeup Gurus of You Tube. And I still do, my laptop or I Touch is never that far away from my reach. So my next goal, is to be one of these wonderful people that I so admire, The always know the hippest , coolest tricks. They know about all of the makeup launch before the rest of the public. I  am somewhat shy, nobody believes that because I am such a big mouth. The thought of my video going out for the whole world to see is somewhat intimidating. I have made a few friends in the You Tube community, the person that is really waiting for me to start is Selima ( Selima77 on You Tube) She is smart , beautiful , funny and she keeps it real. One day I will show her that I can do it, but until then I will blog.

There are so many topics that I want to cover, that I don't know where to start. I am supposed to be middle-aged, but that word doesn't sit well with me. Not that I could run with the twenty year olds but I would give it a shot.  So any suggestions on where to start. Please leave a comment below

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  1. I can't wait to hear more! When are you going to do a make up review?