Friday, June 4, 2010

The Joys of Being a Woman.

On May 10th , I turned forty four years old. I had to stop and think where did the time go. Long gone are the days when I could use a little bit of pressed powder, eyeliner, Mascara and a little lip gloss and I was ready to paint the town red. Many times I have heard my elders say," Youth is wasted on the young", and till now I didn't know what they meant. Your twenties are spent getting you feet wet and experiencing life for the first time on your own. Your thirties are spent discovering all that life has to offer. And by your forties, you are finally comfortable in your own skin. This is the time that most of us are settled into our careers, we finally have enough money to purchase the beauty treatment that we feel that we need. By this time in our lives, it take a lot longer to get ready for those nights out.  When we were young it used to take twenty minutes start to finish for getting ready. There are more treatments , lotions , and potions than ever. I had the pleasure of being a makeup artist from the time I was seventeen to the present , with only a brief hiatus during the time that I was in Nursing school. And I have seen the changes in the beauty industry, and I know about a great deal of the what is happening in this industry.  Everyone is searching for that fountain of youth. What we have now it is also fashionable to be in your forties. The entire beginning  supermodels are now in there forties or fifties.

My sister and I sit down and laugh about how much more difficult the beauty industry had made it for women. Everyday there is a bigger, better, greater, products for us to use to keep with that  youthful look. Believe me, I am that woman that goes out and buys everything new that comes out, my sister on the other hand is the one that is way more reserved with the spending. After I try everything out I just tell her what she needs to get, how to apply it and she is good to go. I am so addicted to the beauty and fashion industry, that I have a room dedicated just to beauty related items.

This is my very first real blog. The goal for this blog is to address issues of  the forty and over population, but I also believe that I have a great deal to offer our younger ladies .

What I am asking is for anyone that reads my blog leave a comment or question on products and issues that you would like addressed.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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