Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blushable Creme Sticks by New York Colors

When I was a teenager the only brands of cosmetics we could afford was the drug store brands. I must say drug store brands aren’t what they used to be they have become competitors with the high end brands. They have totally stepped up their game. I am a totally You Tube addict One of the hottest rage is the Blushable Crème stick by New York Colors. When I went out to look for it one day I went to 7 stores, 3 didn’t carry it, but 4 were completely sold out. I knew this was going to be a challenge to find them.
One day I walked into Rite Aid, to pick up a prescription. I always go to the cosmetic section first, and there were all five colors, I had hit the jackpot. Of course, I couldn’t purchase just one , I got all five of them. The colors that I purchased was Plaza Pink 644U, South St Seashell 647U, Berry New Yorker 649U, Mauvin’ Uptown 648U, and Urban Spice 646U. The colors are gorgeous. They are soft, creamy, and easy to apply. They highly pigmented, so you can where them alone or use them as a base for your powdered blush. I like the South St Seashell so much I used it as a lip color. I lined my lips, applied the South St Seashell with a lip brush and applied with a lip gloss. I received a great deal of compliments that day. This product is a definitely a keeper. They retailed for$ 3.99 at my local Rite Aid, prices may vary depending on where you live. The Blushable Crème Sticks by New York Color get two thumbs up!!

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