Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Bronzed and The Beautiful

   Every summer when a teenager, my friends and I would grease up like we were chicken on a barbecue grill. Not that I would need too, because I am of African-American descent, though on the paler side, I would love that beautiful caramel color I would become. Even though I only did that for about six or seven summers, I see the damage that I did to my skin. With age and wisdom, I take a much safer approach to getting that bronze beautiful look.
     My current arsenal of bronzing powders is growing.When I decided to write this blog , I pulled seven of  them out as these are the ones I use more frequently. The  first few times I tried bronzing powers I hated them.  I looked like a big orange. The first one that I fell in love with was Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Soft Matte Bronzer.  It is perfect when you want that natural sun-kissed look without any shimmer.  My second purchase was Benefit's Hoola , also matte but just a tad darker. This is my everyday bronzing powder in the summer when my natural shade gets a little darker from the sun. Being the beauty addict that I am, I was making my way though Sephora one day and I saw Too Faced Bronzing powders in the colors Snow Bunny, Sun Bunny and Pink Leopard. I liked them all, but my wallet that day wouldn't allow me to have all three, so I waited. Two Face launched an awesome set that was called The Bronzed and The Beautiful, that had all three of the bronzing powers in small palette for only thirty five dollars. This was an amazing deal because I could try all three and repurchase a full size product in the one that was my favorite. The really great thing about these powders that not only are they bronzers , highlighting powders are included. This particular palette is my evening palette when I want to add that slight bit of shimmer and luminescence.  You can also do some phenomenal contouring and highlighting .  As a gift from a wonderful friend that knows me oh so well , I received POP beauty Cheeky Cakes in Beach Beauti and Babe Beauti. These two sets are a bit light for me when when it comes to bronzing but I am able to use them in a slightly different way. It comes as a duo, half  blush and half bronzing powder. So I just use it as cheek color it give a great slash of color to the apples of my cheeks. These duos would be awesome for someone with a fair to medium skin tone.
     The last one I could find in my makeup room, yes don't laugh I have an entire room dedicated to makeup, was my N.Y.C. Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder in 718A Bronze Mist. This is a more recent purchase, so I am still working with it a bit. It is a duo , one side has a Dark Bronze with a slight bit of shimmer. The only problem with this color is that it shows up slightly orange on me. The other side of the duo is a peachy bronze with lots of shimmer. So if you don't like shimmer this might not be the duo for you. Though this side is shimmery , it's a beautiful highlighter. I will keep you updated on how this N.Y.C. Bronzing Powder works for me in the long run. If you have any suggestions or have used the N.Y.C. or any of the other bronzers please leave a comment.

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  1. Thanks for your input -- I would love to see the pics or you tube vids of these products? have you posted any yet? ^_^

    For bronzers I really like the drugstore brand, Revlon? They also have a "brightener" too.